OEM wireless keyboard and mouse set for a supermarket in Germany

2023-03-23 11:45:20

KEYCEO is the whole process of OEM wireless keyboard and mouse set for a supermarket in Germany.

First, a brief introduction to KEYCEO. KEYCEO is a company specializing in the design, development and production of wireless keyboards and mice, and its production base is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company has a professional design team and production plant, which can provide one-stop OEM/ODM/IDM production services for domestic and foreign customers.

Next, let's analyze the production process of this OEM wireless keyboard and mouse set.

Within KEYCEO, this process can be divided into the following steps:

OEM wireless keyboard and mouse set for a supermarket in Germany 1
2.4G Wireless keyboard and mouse Gaming Combo
12 PCS Multimedia keys on keyboard
Ergonomic design for the mouse and keyboard
RGB backlit for keyboard ,mouse
Mouse with weight reduce design 
Pixart 3212 Sensor ,Up to 2400DPI 
Right and left keys with non-slip design 
Suitable for office and Gamer user
With rechargeable function
keyboard build-in  2000mAh battery 
Mouse build-in 700mAh battery 
Included 80cm charge cable 
Available for wired version

1. Needs analysis First,

KEYCEO communicated with a customer of a supermarket in Germany to understand the customer's needs and requirements. The customer needs a wireless keyboard and mouse set with a simple appearance, stable and durable, and can support wireless and Bluetooth connections. At the same time, this suit also needs to comply with German industry standards and safety standards, as well as EU environmental protection regulations.

After understanding these needs, KEYCEO's sales team selects products that meet the customer's requirements and recommends them to the customer for selection.


2. In the product design stage, KEYCEO’s design team carried out color matching design according to the requirements of German supermarkets. Through multiple proofing and modification, the product style with simple and streamlined appearance was finally determined, and multiple 3D rendering renderings were made. For customer reference and selection. Subsequently, the designer refined the color numbers and silk screen sizes of all colors, and made the final proofing with UV printing and laser engraving.


3. The production fixture is an important link in the whole production process. After the proofing is confirmed, in order to prepare for mass production, it is necessary to make the processing jigs required for the production of large goods. KEYCEO technicians carry out engraving, fitter, assembly and other processes to complete the processing jigs required for mass production according to the requirements of the design drawings. After testing and strict quality inspection, the fixture production is completed under the condition of guaranteeing quality and reliability.


4. The circuit board design is a core work carried out according to the functional requirements of the customers. In KEYCEO company, engineers use advanced circuit design and simulation software to make circuit diagrams for the function realization of the keyboard and mouse set, and cooperate with software debugging to ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit board.


5. After getting the customer's confirmation, KEYCEO's engineer formulated the evening operation instruction SOP, and arranged the workers in the production department to carry out the production. Including raw material procurement, SMT placement, plug-in, welding and other links. In this process, the whole process of quality inspection is a necessary link to ensure the quality and stability of the product. At the same time, the product also needs to undergo a series of strict tests such as high and low temperature test, wear test, salt spray test, swing test, speaker test, and life test to ensure that the product meets the quality requirements of a supermarket in Germany.


6. In the production process, quality inspection is a necessary link. KEYCEO's production department will conduct comprehensive and strict quality inspections at each stage of the production process. After many experiments and inspections, it can ensure that the quality of the products meets the requirements.


7. After the product has passed strict quality inspection, the production department will package the wireless keyboard and mouse set. During the packaging process, it is imperative to ensure the integrity and good looks of the product to avoid any problems during shipping. At the same time, KEYCEO will also conduct simulated transportation tests to ensure that the quality of the products after transportation is equivalent to the original quality.


The above is the introduction of the whole process of KEYCEO's OEM wireless keyboard and mouse set for a German supermarket. KEYCEO not only pays great attention to quality, but also pays great attention to on-time delivery. We use the cloud ERP system to monitor each material of each order in real time. For timeliness management, PMC partners are the operation and processing center of our entire order. Under their unified overall arrangement, we can ensure that each order can be delivered on time.


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