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Does Anyone Know What the Name of This Mouse Is?

Does Anyone Know What the Name of This Mouse Is? 1

With the blue LED on the scrollwheel, I assume its laser. Try blow into the little hole where the laser is, to get rid of something that might be causing your laser to react on (a hair, dust etc.). Ive had the same problem with an earlier mouse. You might also wanna try reinstall or get the latest drivers for the mouse, if blowing into the laser-hole wont work.


How do I clean an infrared mouse?

most likely the buttons are stuck, open the mouse and clean it out carefully or just buy a new one

Does Anyone Know What the Name of This Mouse Is? 2


Mouse Scroll not functioning properly?

the mouse is not well or the pointing laser is damaged,buy a new one and never use wireless ones. thanks


Windows 10 mouse pointer is stuck at the top left corner

Most of the time this problem occurs with touchscreens laptops. Sometimes they have an touchscreen pen driver which is located in your HID-compliant drivers. Sometimes light can affect this driver which will cause the cursor to jump at a certain point on your screen. This can happen if the compliant pen driver has the same frequency as the light. So how to fix this problem? Your touchscreen will still be working and the mouse wo not jump and get stuck again.Let me know if this worked for you


Will a mouse get along with a rabbit in the same cage?

they both need seprate cages.and the rabbit might eat the mouse


Mouse plugin for Windows 7 will not work? help pls?

Check device maganer and see if the mouse shows up there, perhaps the driver may have been corrupted,try reinstalling it,also make sure and test the port with something else[if it's a usb] to make sure its working,if you still have the problem then could be the mouse


Whats wrong with my pet mouse?

You might want to try a little antibiotic ointment like Neosporin on the sore spot. Also, try changing her cage a bit. Mice are very smart (and great pets.), and they get bored of the same old stuff. It's a wire ball with bells and things that can be hung and you put a reward in it (my guys like cabbage). Move it around to challenge the mouse


is a year old frozen mouse still good to feed?

If you were the snake would you want to eat it? Just throw it away and go get another one. The mouse would probably taste just horrible for your snake (especially after all that time it's had to get freezer burn)


Why does my hand hurt from using a mouse?

This happens to me too. You are using it for too long without any rest. Stretch out your wrist in a circular motion for about 10-15 seconds and put your hand down. Try to use the mouse less and use a lighter grip. If the problem continues for a long time, you could have tendinitis and should see a doctor


what color is your computer mouse?

The clicker and body of the mouse is super dark black and the rolly thingy is wolf grey and has a logo that says Logitech


Laptop mouse needed...USB, Bluetooth or wired? Why?

I will second that, I have that same mouse she put the link up for and love it, It comes with rechargable batteries and you just recharge them by plugging it in through a usb port, you can still use the mouse just connected by the usb without the batteries too. I got mine at staples. "I have this wireless targus unit and I love it, rechargeable and has been dependable."


what is wrong with my computer mouse it wont work?

Try unplugging the mouse from the usb port and then blow the into the usb adapter. If there is dust in it it will go away. Keep it out for at least 10 minutes than plug it back in. If you have a wireless mouse do the same with the signal adapter that you plug into the usb port.


Can a system for wirelessly charging a mouse battery be patented?

There are a variety of induction chargers on the market already, but it sounds like you may be talking about a fundamentally different design, as the designs I've seen use a current to induce a charge in the mouse (thus they draw power). It sounds like what you are talking about is having natural magnets in the mat and then using the movement of the mouse in and out of the magnetic fields (by a human being) to do the charging. I have never seen such a system and I think that it is different from what Plepleus was describing in his answer. Assuming I've understood you correctly, my only concern would be the sensibility of placing powerful rare-earth magnets next to your computer :) Shielding has gotten better, but how good?

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