Moon Striped Mouse

Moon striped mouse

Moon Striped Mouse 1

The moon striped mouse or Ruwenzori hybomys (Hybomys lunaris) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae. It is found in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.


Southern multimammate mouse

The southern multimammate mouse or southern African mastomys (Mastomys coucha) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae which is endemic to southern Africa (Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe). It is called a multimammate mouse because it can have 8 to 12 pairs of mammae (milk producing glands), in comparison other mouse species only have 5 pairs

Moon Striped Mouse 2


Looking for an AMAZING Gaming Mouse.. Help?

Yes, people love the MX 518 - probably more than any other mouse on the market. It's comfortable, inexpensive, and has excellent durability. That said, I am not sure that it's really the mouse you are looking for. The Logitech G500 has almost all of the same features and almost exactly the same shape. The material is different, but I prefer it. It has a little more texture than the MX 518's smooth material. Also, it's more accurate, has a weight cartridge, and a few other features. I think the G500 is your best bet. Also consider the G9x. It's a great mouse, but it's not perfect for every grip - it's designed for more of a fingertip grip. I would describe it as a mouse for FPS gaming, but not for everyday use. The G500 is great for both. I would not recommend the Mamba. It's an awesome mouse, but like the SideWinder X8, these wireless/wired mice ALWAYS send data wireless - they just have an option for corded power. For a serious gamer, there's still a touch of lag. On top of that, both mice have some issues that make them less than ideal. Hope this helps :)


how do you get rid of a mouse?

They make little glue traps or you can get a small live trap and let it go outside. However, chances are good that it will get back in the house. I think the live traps are sold at hardware stores or Walmart. They are just a little tube that traps them. The glue traps are harder to get the mouse off of and you risk getting bit


Is it possible to use computer completely without a mouse?

Yes (for the most part) However, you cant directly imitate the movement of the mouse. To start up a program or open a file (in Windows) you just go start to run. To select different things you use the 'tab' key. To select menu options you use 'alt' and a letter. To switch tabs in a window use 'ctrl-tab'. To switch windows use 'alt-tab' (a command everyone should know). To select multiple items or sections of text hold 'shift'. And there are a bunch of other hot keys for everything else. [Of course you cant really most video games or things like that].


is a year old frozen mouse still good to feed?

If you were the snake would you want to eat it? Just throw it away and go get another one. The mouse would probably taste just horrible for your snake (especially after all that time it's had to get freezer burn)


Striped grass mouse

Lemniscomys, sometimes known as striped grass mice or zebra mice, is a genus of murine rodents from Africa. Most species are from Sub-Saharan Africa; L. barbarus is the only found north of the Sahara. They are generally found in grassy habitats, but where several species overlap in distribution there is a level of habitat differentiation between them. They are 18.5-29 cm (7.3-11.4 in) long, of which about half is tail, and weigh 18-70 g (0.63-2.47 oz). The pelage pattern of the species fall into three main groups: The "true" zebra mice with distinct dark and pale stripes (L. barbarus, L. hoogstraali and L. zebra), the spotted grass mice with more spotty/interrupted stripes (L. bellieri, L. macculus, L. mittendorfi and L. striatus), and the single-striped grass mice with only a single dark stripe along the back (L. griselda, L. linulus, L. rosalia and L. roseveari). They are generally considered diurnal, but at least some species can be active during the night. They feed on plants, but sometimes take insects. There are up to 12 young per litter, but 4-5 is more common. The average life expectancy is very short, in the wild often only a year, but a captive L. striatus lived for almost 5 years. A more typical captive life expectancy is 2-2 years. While most are common and not threatened, L. mittendorfi is restricted to Mount Oku and considered Vulnerable by the IUCN. L. hoogstraali and L. roseveari are both very poorly known, leading to their rating as Data Deficient. Some of the widespread species are regularly kept in captivity, especially L. barbarus, L. striatus and L. zebra.

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