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Logitech K855: A Stylish and Environmentally-Friendly Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Dual-Mode Connectivity and Long Battery Life

Logitech has recently launched the Signature K855 wireless mechanical keyboard, a sleek and high-performance addition to their keyboard lineup. Available in black and white, the black model stands out with its dark gray aluminum cover and black keycaps, exuding a premium feel. The surface of the keyboard has a fine matte texture, providing an excellent tactile experience. The K855's stylish design makes it suitable for both professional and personal use.

Logitech prioritizes environmental sustainability, as evidenced by the K855's top cover made from renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels. Additionally, the packaging materials come from certified forests and other controlled sources, aligning with the company's commitment to low-carbon and eco-friendly practices.

Featuring an 84-key layout, the compact design of the K855 ensures it takes up less space, making it convenient for everyday use and storage. The keyboard's simplicity is characteristic of Logitech's signature style. It comes with PBT keycaps, known for their durability and resistance to oil, ensuring a longer lifespan. The K855 offers dual-mode connectivity, supporting Bluetooth and wireless, and is compatible with various operating systems including Linux, Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, iPados, iOS, and Android.

Logitech K855: A Stylish and Environmentally-Friendly Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Dual-Mode Connectivity and Long Battery Life 1

A switch key is conveniently located on the right side of the keyboard, allowing users to turn it off when not in use or to avoid accidental inputs. The K855 utilizes TTC switches, known for their performance, while previous models from Logitech used CHERRY switches. Although the TTC red switch provides a similar feel to the original CHERRY red switch, it offers a more linear pressure curve with a softer initial half and a more resilient second half, and boasts a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

The wireless receiver of the K855 is housed in a dedicated slot at the back, and it comes with two triple-A batteries. With an impressive battery life of up to three years, the K855 is ideal for students who often forget to charge their devices or experience charging anxiety.

The K855 keyboard includes a shortcut indicator logo on top and a Mac system logo at the bottom. With the Easy-Switch feature, users can seamlessly connect up to three devices via Bluetooth, supporting iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs. Switching between devices is a breeze with the Easy-Switch function, making it highly convenient for students or anyone who uses multiple devices.

Logitech K855: A Stylish and Environmentally-Friendly Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Dual-Mode Connectivity and Long Battery Life 2

The only downside is the absence of backlighting, but this allows for the remarkable three-year battery life. Overall, the Logitech K855 provides a cost-effective experience with its impressive feel, craftsmanship, and design. Unlike some other mechanical keyboards, it does not face interference issues or typing delays in multi-wireless environments.

The Logitech JD.com flagship store offers a special deal during the 618 period, where customers can pay a deposit of 20 yuan in advance and enjoy a final payment reduction of 50 yuan, making it an excellent opportunity to purchase the K855 at a discounted price.

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