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Nude Mouse

Nude mouse

Nude  Mouse 1

A nude mouse is a laboratory mouse from a strain with a genetic mutation that causes a deteriorated or absent thymus, resulting in an inhibited immune system due to a greatly reduced number of T cells. The phenotype (main outward appearance) of the mouse is a lack of body hair, which gives it the "nude" nickname. The nude mouse is valuable to research because it can receive many different types of tissue and tumor grafts, as it mounts no rejection response. These xenografts are commonly used in research to test new methods of imaging and treating tumors. The genetic basis of the nude mouse mutation is a disruption of the FOXN1 gene.


Greater Wilfred's mouse

The greater Wilfred's mouse, Wilfredomys oenax, is a rodent species from South America. It is found in southern Brazil and Uruguay in subtropical lowland forest. It is arboreal to some degree. It is the only species in the genus Wilfredomys.

Nude  Mouse 2


The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse is a lost 1919 American silent drama film produced and released by the Vitagraph Company of America. It was directed by Tom Terriss and based on the famous Charles Klein play. Alice Joyce starred in the film. Previously filmed in 1914, the story was later remade at the dawn of sound in 1928 by Vitagraph's purchaser Warner Brothers as The Lion and the Mouse with Lionel Barrymore.


Paramo Oldfield mouse

The paramo Oldfield mouse (Thomasomys paramorum) is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae. It is found only in Ecuador


Reig's grass mouse

Reig's grass mouse (Akodon reigi) is a South American rodent species found in Brazil and Uruguay. It is named after Argentine biologist Osvaldo Reig (1929-1992).


Morgan's gerbil mouse

Morgan's gerbil mouse (Eligmodontia morgani), also known as the western Patagonian laucha, is a South American species of rodent in the family Cricetidae. It is named for J. P. Morgan, one of the sponsors of the expedition that first identified the species.


Black mouse in my house?

First off, hide all your sweets, bread, spices. Secondly, observe where the mouse goes in and out. No matter how disturbing it might be check the track the mouse heads. Thirdly, one word: BACON. Bacon is a mouses' weakness. Good luck!.


Am I cruel for drowning the mouse?

Yes, I believe that was cruel. I think glue traps are cruel as well. Before we had cats my husband would use a glue trap and then use vegetable oil to get the mouse off and then he would let it go by the lake


Mouse brain mapping and simulation

Henry Markram mapped the types of neurons within the mouse brain and their connections between 1995 and 2005. In December 2006, the Blue Brain project completed a simulation of a rat's neocortical column. The neocortical column is considered the smallest functional unit of the neocortex. The neocortex is the part of the brain thought to be responsible for higher-order functions like conscious thought, and contains 10,000 neurons in the rat brain (and 108 synapses). In November 2007, the project reported the end of its first phase, delivering a data-driven process for creating, validating, and researching the neocortical column. An artificial neural network described as being "as big and as complex as half of a mouse brain" was run on an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer by the University of Nevada's research team in 2007. Each second of simulated time took ten seconds of computer time. The researchers claimed to observe "biologically consistent" nerve impulses that flowed through the virtual cortex. However, the simulation lacked the structures seen in real mice brains, and they intend to improve the accuracy of the neuron and synapse models.


My kitten just ate a mouse help!!?

Cats eat mice all the time. It is actually a good sign that she is healthy and active. Just treat her with wormer regularly, which should be done anyway. The only concern I might have is if you were setting our mice/rat poison that the mouse may have eaten. If rodents are poisoned and a cat eats them, then the cat will also be poisoned. Otherwise, there is no cause for concern.


How to make mouse movement smooth?

Is everything shaky or just Oblivion? It says that you have had the problem with a few PC games. It could be the mouse. 5 years old is pretty old for a mouse especially for a wireless one on a wooden surface. Try putting a sheet of computer paper on the wooden surface and see if that helps any. If it is just shaky in the games and not on the desktop it could be a video card problem. Are you shaky if you move around with the keyboard? Also you can try downloading the latest Logitech software and see if that helps any

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