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Since There Is No Manual Included with My New Mac, What Are the Directions for Charging the Battery

Since There Is No Manual Included with My New Mac, What Are the Directions for Charging the Battery  1

Your new Mac should have come with a USB to Lightning cable for charging your Apple Magic Mouse 2. To charge it, do the following:Plug the USB end of the cable into your Mac.Turn your Magic Mouse 2 upside down.Plug in the Lightning end of the cable into your Magic Mouse 2. Yes, your Mac needs to remain on to charge the mouse. The USB ports do not get power if your Mac is not powered up.A comment about what seems to be an absurd way to have to charge the mouse: I have two theories about why the charging port is on the bottom: either Apple was planning on providing a way to wirelessly charge the mouse that didnu2019t come to fruition or Steve Jobs and Jony Ive made it so a cable could not be attached to what was supposed to be a wireless mouse for any reason other than charging it. (In other words, they didnu2019t want you moving the mouse around your desk with a charging cable attached.)Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. The above information should not be construed as legal advice. I am not qualified to dispense legal advice.


Does anyone else use mouse in Vim? [closed]

I very seldom use the mouse. Sometimes however I find it very quick to select some portion of text not linewise, from the middle of a line to the middle of another line on my screen.This is the only use I have for the mouse in vim

Since There Is No Manual Included with My New Mac, What Are the Directions for Charging the Battery  2


Mouse freezes temporarily?

Ohh, the poor little mice, it's probably scared of something new. Something new and nasty in your proximity. A wireless mouse has around 2m working radius from it's base, anything that uses radiofrequency or emits electricity can cause the interference. It means ANYTHING working with electricity, look around your little mice but do not go further than 2m, the culprit is there. Maybe it's the boiler that switched to daily regime yesterday ;)


how do i know if my pet mouse is drinking?

Get a water bottle with a bell. There is a quiet sound it makes when the mouse drinks from it. Also, check the water level and see it its clogged. Use a toothpick to clean it


microsoft laser mouse 6000 , the wired one?

That, or take it to Best Buy or some other electronics store to see if it needs to be cleaned or fixed or something. Better yet, take it to the place where you bought it and tell them "you sold me a defective mouse, fix it." Be sure to bring your receipt.


Have you ever used mouse traps & are they pretty effective?

Yes they work but,depending on the size of the mouse, they are not always killed outright. It can be a gruesome site if one is still alive in the trap. I had to take one outside once and drop and huge brick on it to finish it off. Not something I wish to experience again


Mouse in games - Alternative input methods

You might still consider mice, as there are Trackball mice which are similar to normal mouse precision but operate in a different way:This for example is the "Logitech M570 Trackball". Basically instead of moving the mouse on your table you move the Trackball with your thumb. Your shoulder does not move a bit.There was once a top professional Counter Strike player that used a similar mouse, but I forgot his name, which proves that you can make it work even in precision games that require fast reflexes. Here is an old discussion about this topic: Gamespot ThreadThis does not really concern your question, but I guess you are using your mouse in a wrong way. Day, a professional Starcraft veteran has a 1 hour show that explains how to correctly use your mouse and keyboard for Starcraft 2. You can easily adapt this to Diablo 3 or any computer game. Check it out: Day9 Daily 252.

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