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Are the Handicaps of Sen McCain the Reason He Can Not Use a Computer Keyboard?

Are the handicaps of Sen McCain the reason he can not use a computer keyboard?

Are the Handicaps of Sen McCain the Reason He Can Not Use a Computer Keyboard? 1

Nope. According to McCain's campaign spokesperson, Tucker Bounds, McCain can use computers. McCain even gave an interview this July saying he was learning how to email. Talk about smears...


Who decided where the keys on a computer keyboard would be? and Why did they decide the way they did?

Wow, some stupid answers. Do you people really think that the semicolon (or the J) is one of the most used keys, therefore should be on the home row?! QWERTY was designed for it's INefficiency (old-fashioned typewriters)

Are the Handicaps of Sen McCain the Reason He Can Not Use a Computer Keyboard? 2


Why are the letters on a computer keyboard in this order??

The type-bar system and the universal keyboard were the machine's novelty, but the keys jammed easily. To solve the jamming problem, another business associate, James Densmore, suggested splitting up keys for letters commonly used together to slow down typing. This became today's standard "QWERTY" keyboard. Thats y alphabet in keyboard are not in order


Anyone ever heard of www.idea-pc.net computer keyboard?

There have been keyboards with sleep and power buttons for nearly 20 years that I know of. There should be a configuration utility for the keyboard where you can disable or re-program the buttons, either in the Device Manager or Control Panel, or it may have it's own program group on the start menu,. Also check in Control Panel | Power Options, you may be able to change what the buttons do there, at least set the power button so it also does sleep -- better than a shutdown.


How Can I write this symbol() with the computer keyboard?

type 221a then ALTX ( 221a hex) .. in your average text editor. HTML is a little different.


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

Use a vacuum cleaner (with a small attachment on the end if you have one)


how to fix my computer keyboard?

Replace those specific keys with other ones from other laptops, or buy a Keyboard you can plug in via USB


What is a good, effective way of cleaning a computer keyboard?

Q-Tips and alcohal....my mom always does that


I bought an ONN brand wireless computer keyboard and mouse. it came with a little nano key. where does it go??

In one of your USB ports on your computer


what's the best way to clean/wash a computer keyboard?

In the case of my house keyboard, are not able to reply that, as NONE of my letters are dressed in out, and I had been making use of this one awhile. As for my WORK laptop, one of the most keyboards have letters so long gone, that they just manner I can use them is to location each my index hands at the raised bump at the F and J to be certain I can style some thing in any respect!!! I suppose we are simply right here TOO a lot!!!


How often do you clean your computer keyboard?

as quickly as a month ought to be surprisingly good in case you desire to maintain it rather sparkling (it doesnt injury to maintain it extra sparkling). dirt can get into your keyboard and screw your pc up. or you may in simple terms save hand sanitizer with the aid of your pc and sparkling your palms till now you employ it. extra suited risk-free than sorry, noticeably with an high priced pc


my computer keyboard is not working?

Swap it out with another keyboard, that is the easiest thing to do. If just certain keys are not working then its a sign the keyboard is failing


Where can I find a list of foreign letter combos for a computer keyboard?

character map works well, but you can also google: character codes... :D you will find a few list wherw you can type the different characters by using the ALT key and the keypad, on the side of the keyboard. Alt 0241 = (n with the above) good luck!


Whats the difference between 101 and 104 computer keyboard?

104 Key Keyboard


How do I disinfect my computer keyboard?

If you go to Home Depot, although I am sure these can be gotten at may stores, in the cleaning section you can find Armor All Glass Wipes. They can be used on a LCD monitor also to clean it. I can not guarantee they will make it antiseptic but they will definitely clean they up. They were very cheap.

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