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Why Are Computer Keyboard Keys Printed in Uppercase? [duplicate]

Why are computer keyboard keys printed in Uppercase? [duplicate]

Why Are Computer Keyboard Keys Printed in Uppercase? [duplicate] 1

I believe it's partly alexeypegov's answer of distinctiveness, but also historical reasons. The first typewriters, which also had the first QWERTY keyboard, only supported upper case letters


What combination of Keys on the Computer Keyboard make a musical note symbol?

Turn on your number lock and still use your keypad. With number lock off they can act as navigation hot-keys as you saw. I use alt codes on a daily basis and am irritated when I accidentally turn it off. I am entering the alt code such as 0176 for and my browser thinks I am talking to it. According to your results you are using the number pad. It just needs to get turned on. You can usually set number lock on through your BIOS. This will turn it on automatically when Windows starts. Pressing delete or F1 lets you into your BIOS,

Why Are Computer Keyboard Keys Printed in Uppercase? [duplicate] 2


What's the best way to clean a computer keyboard?

pop each key out, then use a paint brush to dust the base. use an all purpose cleaner to clean each key. do not open the whole keyboard as it will be difficult to put it back together if this is your first time to do it.


Who decided where the keys on a computer keyboard would be? and Why did they decide the way they did?

They used to have them in alphabetical order but apparently, when people were doing typewriting work, they were doing it too quickly so they mixed the letters on the keyboard up to make it more complicated and difficult! It's been like this since. We call it the qwerty keyboard because those are the first letters on the keyboard! qwerty!


computer keyboard questions, which is best?

I have a Logitech G15 Refresh Keyboard. I would and always highly recommend it. It retails at a very good price, I paid $130 NZD for it and had well been worth the money. I would reccommend and keyboard from the Logitech G series. Have a quick look at their website. (Post link below)


how to remove the dust from your computer keyboard safely with out chemicals?

Two ways: 1) vacuum the dust out with one of those small brushes that come with vacuum cleaners, or 2) buy a can of compressed air cleaner at a computer store, blow out the keyboard, and THEN, vacuum the dust out with one of those small brushes that come with vacuum cleaners. Works every time


What is the best household way to clean my computer keyboard?

hoover it with the machine off


What is a good way to clean my computer keyboard?

Get a mini-vaccum cleaner from any computer peripheral shop and you can use it to clean computer and other similar equipment., including HiFi, speakers etc


can i use a computer keyboard and mouse on a PS3?

So long as it has a USB connection (as you said), it should work. This goes for both keyboards and mice


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

there is a keyboard cleaner which you can buy from many stores: Staples, Office Depot etc. They go by the generic names of Keyboard Antistatic cleaner. Do not cost that much and many people have them (under $15.00) for the most part.


Is it true that you can clean a computer keyboard in the dishwasher. If yes, how?

I would not recommend putting it in a dishwasher unless you dis assemble it first and remove all electrical items the water would get trapped inside of it and will take a very long time to dry out


My computer keyboard isnt typing the correct symbols?

The Alt-key shortcut is Alt3


change my computer keyboard system?

Go to "Control Panel" -> "Regional and Language Options" -> Choose tab of "Languages" --> Click "Details" --> Click "Add" and select "English UK" language and keyboard layout as "US" and click "OK", in the drop down menu select the recently added setting and click "OK" to finish!


What's the best way to clean a desktop PC computer keyboard?

dishwasher. really. not an old one though as they are made differently


what is the best saved way to clean your computer keyboard ?

'Jay' is right on. I do mine in the sink with lots of soap and hot water. Make sure you rinse it well to get the soap and water out. Stand it on end somewhere overnight so that it will dry. I learned about this during a college course on computer maintenance and it works and wo not damage the keyboard

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