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How Many Times Does One Hit the Number Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Type the Numbers From 1 to 100000?

How many times does one hit the number keys on a computer keyboard to type the numbers from 1 to 100000?

How Many Times Does One Hit the Number Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Type the Numbers From 1 to 100000? 1

For 1 to 10 you have (10-1) 2( For the number 10 itself) pressesFor 1 to 100 you have (10-1) (100-10)*2 3 pressesSimilarly for a general number 10^n you have


What is the cheapest mechanical computer keyboard that I can get?

No matter how hard they try, keyboards today are not the iconic, mechanical IBM Model M of the '80s.Older keyboards used to rely on buckling spring mechanisms and mechanical switches under every key, where many modern keyboards have taken a more affordable route to reduce keypress distance and optimize keystrokes.Mechanical keyboards are also known to feature more durable designs and components far easier to maintain than their rubberized, membrane-equipped counterparts. Even typos, the undeniable enemy of any affluent keyboardist, are reduced using mechanical keyboards thanks to the tactile feedback they offer, especially with new switch designs.In the video below are five of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming, so you can resurrect the thrilling keyboard sensations of decades past.Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming - TOP 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards.

How Many Times Does One Hit the Number Keys on a Computer Keyboard to Type the Numbers From 1 to 100000? 2


How to set a computer keyboard to memorize a word?

In Word, you can create an autotext entry that makes the process easier. For Instance I use 'addr' to type in my full name, address and postcode, right aligned. The option is in the Insert menu


How to connect a computer keyboard to a laptop ?

Some laptops have plug-in adaptors at the aspect for an outside mouse and an additional for an outside keyboard. So, simply seem on each side and the again of the pc to peer if the correct sort of plug is to be had for a keyboard. You too can check out a USB-competent keyboard and plug it right into a USB port. Good success.


can you learn how to play a piano on a computer keyboard?

Nothing simulate a keyboard and works. There are keyboards for sale in almost all Kmart's, Sears, Wal-Mart's & Best Buy's plus numerous other stores.


Can the inside of a computer keyboard be cleaned?

I had the same problem and i used canned air and i was amazed at how much better my keyboard worked


Spilled pepsi on my laptop computerKeyboard no longer worksUBS keyboard not recognized Is it worth saving?

It's a little late now. You've allowed the acid in the soda to do more and more damage. Remove all power from the laptop. Disassemble the area above the keyboard so you can remove the keyboard. Carefully disconnect the flat ribbon cable. Wash the keyboard in water and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. When it's 100% dry, re-assemble the laptop. Be very careful when re-connecting the ribbon cable. While you have it open, look for any sticky residue or any areas of the circuit board that look dull or discolored. If you find any, clean them with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. Be very gentle.


How do i fix the keys on my computer keyboard after spilling tea into it?

If its a non-wireless keyboard you can actually put it in the dishwasher - (sounds insane but MOST will come out great) After getting out of the dishwasher (dont use heat-dry) you need to take it aprt and let it dry for about 4 days....then voila! just like new. Since a basic keyboard is $15 - and a nice wireless is $50 - I dont know why you are against getting a new one - they are cheap -.....or you are.... is this a special keyboard where there is a reason youre wanting to hang on to it ? otherwise - trash it I imagine the reason its cranking out weird characters is because the tea (kinda gay) shorted out some of the conxns. this one may not be fixable - but like I stated before - just trash it - theyre cheap


HELP! My Computer Keyboard is not working?

If this is a laptop, then check to see whether there's a Function Lock [Fn Lock] key that may be enabled, and check if you've accidentally enabled or disabled Num Lock. If this is a desktop computer's keyboard, then unplug the keyboard, replug the keyboard (if it is an USB keyboard, preferably in a different USB slot), and reboot the computer.

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