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How Can I Clean Computer Keyboard?

How can I clean Computer Keyboard?

How Can I Clean Computer Keyboard? 1

if its a desktop pc you ruined the keyboard,get a new keyboard. if its a laptop good luck.


What does the numerical lock on a computer keyboard do exactly?

The numerical lock allows you to switch the numpad from numbers to directionals. I f you do not have a mouse attached to your pc. You can use your numpad to move your cursor and select stuff when the numlock is off.

How Can I Clean Computer Keyboard? 2


How do you clean computer keyboard?

you can get a small vac for your computer blows air both ways. also you can just take you key board turn it up side down and shake out the crumbs..lol


How often do you clean your computer keyboard?

Oh, every 2-3 years, I would guess


How to you clean globs of jelly that got under my computer keyboard keys?

This is just opinion.. use powerful vacume to suck it out


does a computer keyboard have a circut card in it?

Not a "card" as such but they all have a printed circuit board withf some degree of complexity. An array of switches reads the keystrokes which the board translates into a digital signal onto the cable (or wireless connection) for the computer to use. The more complex the keyboard (including wirelessness) the more complex that board.


Repair or just replace computer keyboard?

Dude, stick it in a dishwasher (no soap & do not set it to dry). Then allow it to air dry for at least 24 hrs. Should be fine then. Repair would cost way more than buying a new one.


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

. i just spray it and leave for few mins and wipe with cotton cloth


What is a good, effective way of cleaning a computer keyboard?

Good old rubbing alcohol on a q tip works for me


how were the letters on the computer keyboard placed?

Next to each other. ;)


What the best cheapest computer keyboard?

A USB keyboard must no longer have an impact on the operation of the mouse pad. I have a Thinkpad computer which has a pointer, navipad, mouse pad and USB mouse, and I can use they all at any time with none interference


Who decided where the keys on a computer keyboard would be? and Why did they decide the way they did?

It has everything to do with which keys are used the most and least!


Where can I get my computer keyboard cleaned out?

Try a vaccum hose or better, a can of compressed air. I tend to go through about 1 keyboard a year as I muck them up pretty good or spill a glass of water in them or something, so the best option is to buy a new one!


how do you clean your computer keyboard?

Keyboards are so cheap nowadays, it's usually a better idea to buy a new one, however, if you still would like to clean it, here is what I suggest: 1. Use a screwdriver, popsicle stick, or some other flat edged tool to CAREFULLY remove the keys from the keyboard. Each key sits in a socket and they can be pryed out one by one with the exception of the space bar. Some keyboards have a steel clip that holds the space bar in place so if you feel confident in what you are doing, then go ahead and take a chance with being able to reassemble it. 2. Wash the removed keys in a bowl of mild soap and warm water, rinse, and allow them to dry overnight. You can also use Windex or some other spray cleaner with a cloth if you prefer to clean them individually. 3. Clean the unit iself by turning it over and shaking out any dirt or dust particles or by vacuuming it or blowing compressed air across it. 4. Reinstalling the keys is as simple as pressing them back in place until they click back into position. Just be sure to use another keyboard as a reference if you are unsure of the order and position of the keys.


how to remove the dust from your computer keyboard safely with out chemicals?

Im not sure of the name but you can buy compressed air in a can you can get it at wal-mart,office max, or any major store like that

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