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IDM waterproof keyboard

2023-03-21 11:45:38

IDM case with waterproof and antibacterial IPX7 Office keyboard for medical use.

1. Demand analysis In environments such as hospitals, keyboards often need to be waterproof and washable to ensure their safety and hygiene. In response to these demands, KEYCEO needs to design a waterproof and washable keyboard for medical use, which needs to reach the waterproof level of IPX7 and can be soaked in water for cleaning. In addition, the keyboard also needs to be widely used in humid environments such as hospitals, gas stations, and fishing boats. During the design process, designers need to consider the following factors:

IDM waterproof keyboard  1
1. Waterproof performance: the keyboard should have excellent waterproof performance so that it can be used in a humid environment. For this reason, designers need to consider issues such as the shell material, tightness, and sealing of the keyboard.


IDM waterproof keyboard  2
2. Antibacterial performance: the keyboard needs to have excellent antibacterial performance to ensure safe and hygienic use. To this end, designers need to choose suitable materials and manufacturing processes, and need to use antibacterial treatment technology.
IDM waterproof keyboard  3
3. Use scenarios: keyboards need to be widely used in humid environments such as hospitals, gas stations, and fishing boats. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the appearance, material, function, etc. of the design suitable for various environments.

2. Design ideas In the design process, the designer follows the following principles:

IDM waterproof keyboard  4

1. Appearance design: The keyboard should have a simple and beautiful appearance design to meet a wide range of usage scenarios. At the same time, designers need to consider other special design requirements, such as strengthening the sealing of the keyboard.

2. Material selection: The designer chooses to use high-quality ABS plastic to make the shell of the keyboard, and uses suitable sealing materials to ensure waterproof performance. Materials for keycaps and keyboard switches need to choose materials with good antibacterial properties.

IDM waterproof keyboard  5

3. Keyboard type: The designer chooses to use a membrane keyboard or a silicone keyboard. These two keyboards have better airtightness and water resistance.

4. Sealing design: Each key of the keyboard needs to be sealed to a certain extent to ensure the waterproof performance of the keyboard. Designers use O-rings, double-sided tape and other sealing materials to seal the keyboard.

5. Antibacterial design: The designer adopts antibacterial treatment technology on the surface of the keyboard to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and improve the hygienic performance of the keyboard.

IDM waterproof keyboard  6


IDM waterproof keyboard  7


3. Process flow

IDM waterproof keyboard  8
1. 3D modeling design: Designers use 3D modeling software to design the overall shape and key position of the keyboard to ensure the keyboard's appearance, streamlined and tightness. Designers should set appropriate holes in the keyboard shell to ensure the waterproof performance of the keyboard.
IDM waterproof keyboard  9
2. Mold making: Mold engineers carry out mold design, mold flow analysis, material shrinkage analysis, and injection molding deformation analysis according to the designer's 3D design file, and then start mold making. After making copper work through CNC, pass high-precision mirror surface Spark machine discharge, wire cutting, etc. are precision-made into waterproof keyboard molds for mass production.
IDM waterproof keyboard  10
3. Manufacturing and processing: The designer uses an injection molding machine to inject the shell of the keyboard, and uses a laser cutting machine to make the surface patterns of the keycaps and keys. During the manufacturing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of materials and processing technology, and to use a suitable sealing material to seal the keyboard.
IDM waterproof keyboard  11
4. Antibacterial treatment: Antibacterial treatment is a key manufacturing link. Designers can use metal ion treatment technology or other new antibacterial treatment technologies to ensure that the keyboard has good hygienic performance.
IDM waterproof keyboard  12
5. Testing and debugging: Before final assembly, the designer needs to conduct testing and debugging to ensure the waterproof performance and hygienic performance of the keyboard wired.

4. Quality inspection After the production is completed, the personnel of the quality department will conduct quality inspection on each keyboard to ensure the stable performance and high reliability of the keyboard. The main test items will include visual inspection, button accuracy, waterproof performance test, antibacterial performance test, etc.

5. The production efficiency is relatively lower than that of general keyboard manufacturing. Designers need to carry out more detailed debugging and processing in terms of material selection, sealing design, antibacterial treatment, etc., so the production efficiency will be affected to a certain extent. However, in the design process, advanced production technology and automation equipment can be used to improve production efficiency.

IDM waterproof keyboard  13
KY-K852 Waterproof Chocolate keyboard 
High quality Plastic Material 
Support IPX7 waterproof(Prevent soaking damage:One meter depth, less than 30 minutes)
With cleaning key and LED indicator(Hold down 5 seconds to switch on) 
Wear-resistant laser key 
Ultra silent :whisper keystroke for low-noise typing 
Super wide design for wrist relaxation

6. Market prospect There is a great market demand for waterproof and antibacterial keyboards for medical use, especially in hospitals, gas stations, fishing boats and other humid environments. This keyboard can not only ensure safety and hygiene, but also improve work efficiency. Therefore, the market prospect of this product is very broad.


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