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How Can I Clean My Computer Keyboard?

How can I clean my computer keyboard?

How Can I Clean My Computer Keyboard? 1

CAREFULLY use a small paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner, set to low suck, to remove all the crumbs and general crud. Then carefully wipe it with a warm, damp cloth. Use cotton wool buds and the brush to get into the crevices. Do not be tempted to remove the keys.


how do I clean my computer keyboard?

I take all my keys out and wash and dry them, then use a toothbrush to clean all the food and stuff from the keyboard itself. then wipe it all down nicely with a cloth and then put all the keys back on. Works great for me. Just dont wash the whole keyboard. The electronic parts wont like it.

How Can I Clean My Computer Keyboard? 2


My laptop computer keyboard got wet and not it does not work. Any info would greatly be appreciated?

you can have your keyboard replaced for around $100 less if you replace it yourself


how do you clean your computer keyboard?

what kind of keyboard? Desktop keyboards sometimes, not always, but sometimes, can accumulate a lot of dust and sometimes require you to pop out a key, use compressed air and get the stuff below the keys to that open area of where you popped out a key to get the junk out. laptops...can be a tad more sensitive to the key popping thing...but you ought to do well with compressed air (canned air) with it as well. Heck even turning it upside down and gently shaking sometimes frees up stuff to be blown out of it.


does a computer keyboard have a circut card in it?

Yes top right corner there the light are normally, if you have a wireless keyboard they are some where in there, with a small wireless chip attached. that's why when you spill a liquid on your keyboard and its wired you can fry your motherboard


What's a good way to clean a computer keyboard?

I have used alcohol, Clorox wiipes, and I have sprayed Windex on a paper towel. They all worked! I always have the computer and keyboard off first. I give time for any moisture to evaporate.


What's the best way to clean a desktop PC computer keyboard?

if its a new keyboard (2 years or so) you can put it in the dish washer, top rack. No, I am not kidding


how do you fix a computer keyboard that won't press certain buttons?

Are they just stuck, then you need to clean your keyboard


computer keyboard is broken. please help?

First of allwow! I did not no you would take your keys off! Second of all ask your mothers and fathers or peers Im certain they are going to no what is fallacious. If now not, name a comuter location! byeee!


Why is the computer keyboard designed the way it is with the alphabets all jumbled up? Who came up with it?

I dont know. Thats a good question


what does f-1 to f-12 means on a computer keyboard?

Those are the Function keys.....Built in short cut keys for some programs.....Typing F8 during start up will put you in safe mode on some qputers


Poll: When did you learn to type on the computer keyboard?

like 9 now im 19


Why is a computer keyboard set out the way it is?

The 1874 Sholes & Glidden typewriters established the QWERTY layout for the letter keys that is used nowadays in Anglophone countries for virtually all computer keyboards and the majority of other keyboards. Other nations using the Latin alphabet may use variants of the QWERTY layout, for example the French AZERTY layout. It is generally acknowledged that the QWERTY design was concerned with trying to minimize jamming of the keys. How this was accomplished is a matter of some dispute. It is easy to find claims that QWERTY was intentionally designed to slow typing down so as to minimize jamming, although there does not appear to be any hard evidence to support this claim. There were many other typewriter designs competing with QWERTY during the latter part of the nineteenth century although QWERTY eventually came to dominate the market. News reports of typing contests during that period indicate that QWERTY did quite well. Radically different layouts such as the Dvorak keyboard have been marketed for many decades but have not been able to replace the QWERTY layout, despite the advantages claimed by their proponents. The Dvorak layout placed the frequently used letters in the home row in order to minimize movement of the fingers while typing most words. There is little dispute of this fact, although there is a great deal of dispute about whether finger movement actually increases typing speeds [See QWERTY]. However, many say the Dvorak keyboard improves typing accuracy and comfort over the QWERTY keyboard. Many non-Latin alphabets have keyboard layouts that have nothing to do with QWERTY. The Russian layout, for instance, puts the common trigrams , , and on adjacent keys so that they can be typed by rolling the fingers. The Greek layout, on the other hand, is a variant of QWERTY.

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