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How Can I Learn to Type Faster on My Smartphone's Keyboard?

How can I learn to type faster on my smartphone's keyboard?

How Can I Learn to Type Faster on My Smartphone's Keyboard? 1

Thanks for A2A.What is the best technique for typing on mobile phones the fastest way, since this is a necessity in the modern world?As a keyboard typist, and Grammar Nazi, I am terribly slow at generating SMSes. Autocorrect is the biggest nuisance, because I always have to go back and correct it.The most productive method I have seen in use by younger people who have developed their own technique is to cradle the phone in both hand in landscape mode and do the keying with both thumbs. Having a "real" keyboard, the Blackberry was ideally operated in this manner.On some tablets, I've seen the keyboard split into left and right sections, clearly intended to operated by thumbs reaching into the middle. I am just not so sure that QWERTY remains valid on this type of device.


Keyboard action

As with other digital pianos, the Privia features a fully weighted keyboard action to simulate the action on an acoustic piano. This key action consist of a mechanical system of small "hammers" and weights attached to each keys that will lift up when the key is pressed, while the keys trigger the sensors to generate sound. The sensors are located in the bottom of the keyboard, similar to that of a synthesizer keyboard action Throughout various incarnations, the key action has undergone several changes over time: Scaled Hammer Action (2003-2008 models)The original keyboard action, featuring a single or double sensors installed below the keybed. The weights are attached far back to the keys, giving it a slight resistance after the keys are released. It is also have a simulated weight in which lower notes are heavier than higher ones. Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action (2009-2011 models)Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer utilizes three individual sensors for each keys, two installed below the key's base, and one installed slightly further back near the hammers. The hammers are also modified to have less resistance and swings back faster upon release. The three sensors ensures precision response and improved touch sensitivity compared to its predecessor. Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II (2012-2018 models)A revamped incarnation of the previous action. The triple sensors are now installed right below the key's base, while the hammers remain unchanged. Furthermore, this action even features unique keys with simulated synthetic ebony and ivory texture and the sensor's response can be digitally adjusted to match the playing style realistically. The Scaled Hammer Action II has been described as being harder, more substantial and heavier compared to the previous versions. It is also widely criticized for its characteristic knocking noises when played at medium to high velocities, and considered as being heavier than a generic acoustic piano keys. Smart Scaled Hammer Action (2019-present models)Reduces size and weight without compromising playing feel. Included in PX-S1000 PX-S3000 models.

How Can I Learn to Type Faster on My Smartphone's Keyboard? 2


How to save recording from piano keyboard?

Your Casio PS-20 has a left panel and a back panel. On the left panel, there's an output for phones. I would suggest you download software such as Audacity to complete the following: 1) Buy yourself a male to male audio cable (such as those one would use to connect computer speakers to a computer's sound card) 2) Plug one end of the audio cable into one of the phones ports on the keyboard. Plug in the other end into the computer's microphone (red) port on the audio card. 3) Open Audacity and check the preferences (use the drop-down menu at the top of the app) that the input device is the microphone. 4) Hit record and start playing some of your best tunes. This is the method I use to record my tunes. Remember to mark this question as the best answer.


Tea was spilled on my laptop, now keyboard won't work...?

replace the key pad. You can probably get one on line for about $50. I had to replace my wife's because she spilled a glass of Iced tea on it.It's not the Tea it's the Sugar in the tea recrystallizing. And unfortunately spilled tea IS NOT an warranty repair. Its pretty easy to change the keyboard. You may also want to have a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some Lint free cloths in case the area under the keypad is all sticky. Put the Alcohol on the cloth then wipe the mess up.

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