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How Do You Clean a Computer Keyboard?

How do you clean a computer keyboard?

How Do You Clean a Computer Keyboard? 1

get it to an air compressor,blow out all the stuff under the keys,and also blow out the vents for the fan,that may help,if not you may have to send it in to your factory foe them to fix,or maybe you have a computer shop in your town that can fix it


how do i fix a computer keyboard that is wet?

Unplug keyboard from pc rinse with cold water under shower this will not hurt the keyboard then tip it upside down so the water can drain for about 48 hrs. your keys should work. Might have some soda syrup still inside between the keys

How Do You Clean a Computer Keyboard? 2


Computer / keyboard problem. Please help!?

Better you change the keyboard with the friends nearby for checking what problem in your computer. then you get fine solution what to replace


How long should a computer keyboard last?

I have a keyboard that I got as second hand and used it for about 5 years. It still works well even going through all that gaming and raging abuse. By the way, it was a Logitech keyboard.


What's a good way to clean a computer keyboard?

Ya...no... lol in fact that would ruin your keyboard. I recommend a pressurized can of air, you can get them at computer and electronics stores. OR just pop out the keys and use a q-tip.


can i use a computer keyboard and mouse on a PS3?

I do not think that plug and play would work with PS3. I would love for that to work. However the keyboard might just work. But it wont let you play the games using the keyboard I have also heard that there were some patches available to do the same for XBOX 360. I am not sure if such patches are available for PS3. I am also a PC gamer and can not seem to get the hang of a remote for shooting games.


My sticky computer keyboard and no money, what to do ?

A new keyboard costs usally around $5 - $20 dollars. Just get a inexpensive one because they are all the same


Why doesn't my computer keyboard respond to me?

keyboards are a mischievous bunch, you have to be firm with them. make sure your keyboard is not going off hitting the wrong key, doing drugs, or turning tricks at the bus stop downtown. Make sure to keep your keyboard in a gentle, nurturing environment. Do this and your on your way to raising one heck of a keyboard. Even with all the ethnic discrimination against keyboards these days, some have proven to rise above, and keep on fighting the good fight


how do you fix a computer keyboard that won't press certain buttons?

well sometimes just pulling the keys off and giving it a clean will help, you could also try pulling the keyboard completely apart and then putting it back together again,making sure that the sheets under the keys are aligned correctly


Is there a way to open my computer keyboard?

most keyboards are made so you can pop off the keys for cleaning, but it is better to use a vacuum or compressed air to blow out dust and debris. If the surface is sticky, wipe off the surface with a damp (not wet) cloth, as you do not want to drip anything inside. If there is gunk in the keyboard causing repetitive or sticky keys, or miskey errors, with the price of keyboards as low as it is, it is more cost effective for most people to buy a new one than waste time trying to repair an old one.


how were the letters on the computer keyboard placed?

According to how a typewriter was used. So that on a typewriter, the letters would not get stuck when typing fast. So they worked out the best arrangement to have that would mean that you did not press letters next to each other, therefore typewriter wouldnt get jammed.


How do I send midi files from a computer to a keyboard?

The only sound cards i know that have midi ports are the Soundblasters made by creative. I had one in 1992 for windows 98 but never really learned to use it. However, if you keyboard has a slot for a memory card (Usually SD) you can transfer the file to the memory card and then stick it in the slot and it should work from there.

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