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How to Connect a Computer Keyboard to a Laptop ?

How to connect a computer keyboard to a laptop ?

How to Connect a Computer Keyboard to a Laptop ? 1

If you have a USB keyboard, it can be directly connected in the USB port of laptop. If you have PS/2 keyboard, use a PS/2 to USB connector.


how to clean between computer keyboard button?

Buy a new one! ;)

How to Connect a Computer Keyboard to a Laptop ? 2


How do you clean computer keyboard?

this should help it lists step by step. Go to the link below


why computer keyboard is shuffled!?

There are actually two different configurations of keyborads, neither of which are alphabetical. The most common is the 'qwerty' keyboard, so named because the first 6 letters spell qwerty, NOT because someone named Qwerty invented it


Poll: When did you learn to type on the computer keyboard?

when i took it out the box


Is there a 3v resistor inside of a computer keyboard?

Hello Sajic :-) Sounds like a cool project. I think you may not be getting much of a response because we do not have enough information to go on. Basically. there is no such thing as a 3V resistor. In the keyboard. there is probably a 5V power supply. or an LED(light emitting diode) that requires a 2V drop giving 3V left over. but a resistor really does not have a voltage rating on it except to change the amount of current in a circuit to properly operate an LED lamp. Now saying that. you are making a lamp. what kind of light bulb is it? LED? or incandescent bulb? What is your source of power? Is it the PS2 or USB connection from the keyboard? There are many many values of resistors. Certainly there will be axial or surface mount resistors in the keyboard. but you do not know what value they may be unless you can read the resistor values. Some resistors are so small you may not even be able to tell what it is. If you have a 5 volt power source (USB or battery). and you want to light up a typical LED lamp. you probably want about 20ma of current flowing to light up the LED. If the LED drops 2 volts. then 3volts is the potential across the resistor (5 - 2). 3v/20ma = 150 Ohm resistor. If you can not find one. you could probably buy one cheap. Will the resistor be in the keyboard? Probably. but will it be the proper value or something you can recognize I am not sure. Hope this helps, Jeff


How Do I Clean My Computer Keyboard?

switch off unplug the keyboard take a photo of the keys with a digital camera remove all the keys clean it --CAREFULLY use photo to put the keys back in the right places If you have a good vacuum you can run it over the keys. but removing them will get all the dirt, and you can clean the grime off the keys too


How to fix a Computer keyboard after a liquid spill?

Put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds


how do you clean your computer keyboard?

Buy compressed air at Best Buy or radio shack, if it is like 15 layers of dust just buy a new keyboard.


What's the best way to clean a computer keyboard when the keys are sticking?

I use a can of compressed air (dust remover for electronics) Always unplug keyboard before cleaning. Then I either use computer wipes or alcohol


If you could add one useful (or whimsical) key to everyoneu2019s cellphone or computer keyboard, what would it communicate or do?

The whimsical key I saw was molded in red looking otherwise like any other key on a Cherry keyboard


What is a good way to clean my computer keyboard?

canned air and a paintbrush


what is the new symbol C with an =in the middle on the number 5 on a computer keyboard for?

That's the symbol for the euro, the european currency


How do you clean a sticky computer keyboard?

You can normally take each key off the keyboard itself. It's a monster task but it will get the job done! Note: I would take a picture of the keyboard first then you can see where all the keys go :)


What's a good way to clean a computer keyboard?

A guy at work put his in the dishwasher, and surprisingly it doesnt work now :) water can get inbetween keys and damage the circuits that connect the keys best way to clean is a damp cloth and i use damp cotton buds to get inbetween the keys.

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