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How to Set a Computer Keyboard to Memorize a Word?

How to set a computer keyboard to memorize a word?

How to Set a Computer Keyboard to Memorize a Word? 1

in microsoft word you can make tenplates a simple on on every computer is (and type) =rand (200,99) then hit enter


can you learn how to play a piano on a computer keyboard?


How to Set a Computer Keyboard to Memorize a Word? 2


What is a good way to clean my computer keyboard?

canned air and a paintbrush


Why is the computer keyboard designed the way it is with the alphabets all jumbled up? Who came up with it?

I dont know. Thats a good question


Why does my computer keyboard and mouse sometimes freeze up for no reason?

try another board, and clean mouse or try another one


How to fix a Computer keyboard after a liquid spill?

Depends on if it is laptop or desktop. If its a laptop you will want to be sure the motherboard under the keyboard didnt get wet and hopefully it was off at the time. Basically if you simply dry everything off it should still be just fine. You can use high concentration Isopropanol alcohol to dry / clean things up. By high concentration i am talking 90% or so if you can find it. Most keyboards if you are carefull you can pry the keys off putting them back on is allways a pain in the neck.


Solutions for Cats on Computer Keyboard Needed?

You might try keeping a squirt bottle of water and some catnip handy. You could put the catnip on the floor next to you or on your desk (if you do not mind them being there) so they are entertained in that spot but then, if they try to get on the keyboard, simply squirt them with water (of course, not pointing it in the direction of your computer). They will quickly get the idea and it is non-harmful to them.


Poll: When did you learn to type on the computer keyboard?

Third grade :)


How can I clean Computer Keyboard?

The dirt Away is secure, purely carry your keyboard up so it gets blown out although. There are additionally little hand held vacuums with attachments that circulate between the keys.


need help with my computer keyboard?

Wow, you managed to get a virus or break your keyboard! Follow not-so-common-sense for both situations


How can I stop my cat from tearing apart my computer keyboard?

lol that is kind of verrrry cute! Why dont you buy one of those keyboard protectors? or get a spray bottle and give him a little spritz when he jumps up by the computer - he will eventually learn not to even go up there


What is the best household way to clean my computer keyboard?

If you can attach a brush to your vacuum hose then that would be the best thing while the pc is turned off


why keys in the computer keyboard not in alphabatical order?

When I took typing in high school, my teacher told us that the keys are like they are because they are arranged according to their use. The keys that are hardly used, you will notice, are located on the bottom or top corners while the popular ones are in the middle. Just for fun, did you know the letters for the word, "typewriter" are all on the top row?


Cant log in on computer?! (Keyboard is broke)?

LOL bootable cd or a software that you simply have got to down load to wreck admin password or you can also desire a rough method like disassemble your approach then get rid of CMOS battery then position it once more xD


How can I clean out the dirt in my computer keyboard?

Use a small painters soft brush,turn keyboard over bang on table gently a few times then brush like crazy,make sure it is not being used at this time though !


My sticky computer keyboard and no money, what to do ?

you have to use compressed air to blow it out lol and then you can unplug it and take a damp rag with water and simply wipe it off


Is there a way to open my computer keyboard?

Yes it can, but before you take the keys out take a picture of the keyboard so you can put back on, oh and take it out with a wedge, fingernail clippers perhaps?

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