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Mac Magic Mouse & Keyboard Not Recognized?

Mac Magic Mouse & keyboard not recognized?

Mac Magic Mouse & Keyboard Not Recognized? 1

Thank you giving me the opportunity to answer you question. I am assuming you have the Apple Wireless Keyboard with your Magic Mouse. First thing I would try is forcing your keyboard to shut off. Do this by holding the power button on the opposite side of the battery door until the lights turn off completely. Then turn the keyboard back on. It should do the blinking thing and then your Mac should pair up with it again. If this does not work, try force rebooting the Mac by holding down the power button until it shuts off completely. Then reboot the Mac and see if it will automatically pair with the known keyboard or give you the option to pair again. Another option is to use any USB keyboard and mouse to log in and set them up again in the Bluetooth settings in the Settings application. Windows keyboards will work with a Mac. Usually someone has a keyboard sitting around to grab out of the closet. Third option is to buy a keyboard and mouse to connect to your Mac from your local electronics retailer. Prices on these products are very competitive and wo not break the bank. Then you have a backup if this were to happen again. Also if you have setup to allow access to your computer remotely you can try to access it from another Mac using the Share Screen option in the Finder app. If the Mac with the issues shows in the left side column under Shared, select the desired device and click on the Share Screen button in the top right of the Finder window. You will need to know the Mac's login actual case sensitive name and password. Then you could remotely connect to your Mac and complete the sign in process then troubleshoot the issue. Good luck and thank you in advance. Agent Alexis P Badge # 56426 Deputy of Counter Intelligence at Geek Squad 1498 Miami Beach, Florida Formerly an Apple Expert for Best Buy 12/8/13


Can i use a APPLE USB KEYBOARD with a PC running Windows XP?

attempt logging into attention that freezes unhook keyboard and mouse and replug them in on an comparable time as in that account. in case you will get the keyboard to artwork after that click the domicile domicile windows style on the keyboard the R key on an comparable time , then style in msconfig , hit enter. pass to the startup tab and uncheck all packing packing boxes ( use the tab & arrow keys on keyboard to pass around, use the spacebar to uncheck packing packing boxes, use the enter key as at as quickly as as you are on the ok key whilst complete), restart laptop. you could pass back in to msconfig later and recheck those you p.c. working each and each and invariably. optimum human beings dont ought to prefer to be on each and each and invariably, besides Antivirus

Mac Magic Mouse & Keyboard Not Recognized? 2


How much would it cost to make my keyboard backlit?

Sometimes it depends on the model computer. Some keyboards can be replaced for as little as $40, some go up to $100 or better. Unfortunately, since you have a Dell, you may be stuck with a bigger expense, as some Dell computers require a different motherboard for backlight capabilities for the keyboard. You can try calling tech support with this one and see if yours is one that is easily interchangeable


Keyboard on my laptop doesn't work?

The keyboard is probably faulty. If you go to laptopkeybaord.com they have several videos on how to replace laptop keyboards. Replacements can be had from amazon or ebay HTH David


Help! I've spilt yoghurt on my keyboard!?

3 options 1. unplug, get some wet wipes, disasemble the keyboard and clean it off everything then let dry, reasemble and you should be good to go. 2. buy a new keyboard 3. unplug it then rinse it under water then make sure its BONE DRY before plugging it back in!


i cleaned my laptop keyboard and now its all messed up?

If you sprayed any type of liquid directly onto the keyboard itself rather than spraying the liquid onto a soft cloth and then wiping the keyboard, then you likely have moisture under the keyboard that has effected some of the circuit. Remove the battery and if you can remove the keyboard, do that also. Gently wipe the board and use a gentle air stream from a fan to dry the moisture. Then allow it to set for a day before putting it back together and putting the battery back in. Hopefully the keyboard will now work correctly. If not, take it to a computer repair shop for a diagnosis.

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