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My Computer Keyboard Is Having Problems?

my computer keyboard is having problems?

My Computer Keyboard Is Having Problems? 1

Sounds like anything bought into your keyboard controls it probably a pandemic. Try going for walks a number of one-of-a-kind virus scans for your pc akin to ewido and AVG additionally Ad-Aware SE is a well one and so they all have unfastened variations you will be able to discover on the internet. If this crisis keeps cross purchase or borrow anther individuals keyboard and if that straitens it out then you definitely simply have a erroneous keyboard. But if none of those paintings take your pc to a fix retailer and so they must be equipped to repair it for you as an alternative speedy. I wish this is helping you


what are the standard measurements of a 10-key? (computer keyboard)?

I do not think there are standard keyboard sizes, they differ according to manufacturer. If you measured a few then you are probably ahead of the rest of us in knowing the average size. And I think you mean the 104 key keyboard, although there are some with more and less keys. In fact, some can have as few as 80 keys, while others can have more then 110, with the multimedia keyboards now a days

My Computer Keyboard Is Having Problems? 2


my friends' computer keyboard won't work?! any ideas why or how to fix it?!?

If it is a PS/2 keyboard (round purple connector) then you need to restart the computer after you plug it in. If it is USB, try plugging it into a different port on the back of your computer


How to set a computer keyboard to memorize a word?

you cna use keyboard shortcuts..Cntrl a key or so


Can you put your computer keyboard in the dishwasher to clean it?

Absolutely not, I've killed a keyboard with plain water. Though I realized that water is bad, I figured it would be safe if I use a hair dryer. Even idea is risky and ended up in failure. From that experiance, I decided to use alcohol and swabs. Alcohol may even work better than a damp cloth


Why is a computer keyboard set out the way it is?

It was thought up and created in the 1860's by Christopher Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter. It was arranged this way to maximize the speed of typing by putting common combinations of letters apart so that when Typwriting the keys would not stick together (a common problem with typewriters). Of course when they started switching to computers and keyboards over typewriters, people were used to the layout of the typewriter so they kept it the same. It is not really needed anymore, except that everybody is so used to using it


How can I clean my computer keyboard?

I think you can use those anti-static wipes you use on monitors


Where can I buy a wireless light panel gel computer keyboard that can roll up?

ebay. seen them there in droves


What is the best household way to clean my computer keyboard?

turn off your PC and remove all the buttons from your keyboard then clean it with a small brush and put the buttons back thats how i do it


How do u clean your computer Keyboard? Do I need something special?

To clean dust and stuff from under the keys, either use a vac or turn the keyboard upside down and tap on the bottom, shaking as you do. As far as dirty keys, you can use any household cleaner, windex, 409, etc. Just do not spray it on the keyboard, spray it on a rag. And do not saturate the rag to the point the cleaner is dripping from it. Then wipe the keys. It's best to do this with the computer completely shut down. That way when you are wipeing the keys, nothing is being sent to the computer that can screw it up.


How to fix a Computer keyboard after a liquid spill?

It can be a lot of work and keyboards are cheap. But if you want to try you will need to disassemble the keyboard first, usually by removing about a dozen small screws. The keyboard arrangement varies but most of them use a rubber membrane with conductive pads under each key. You can clean these with isoprophyl alcohol. While the keyboard is apart you may also clean your keys, window cleaner works good for this. Make sure not to leave any residue. Reassemble the keyboard carefully, ensure all the screws are in the right place and do not over tighten them. Good Luck!!

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