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My Computer Keyboard Wont Work? [ten Points, Here Guys!]?

my computer keyboard wont work? [ten points, here guys!]?

My Computer Keyboard Wont Work? [ten Points, Here Guys!]? 1

Try plugging your keyboard into different USB ports. I have found from experience that with some motherboards certain USB devices seem to work only in certain USB ports. Trying different USB ports might solve your problem (if you can remember which one your keyboard was plugged into before you moved your computer around, I think that would fix your situation).


What is the cheapest mechanical computer keyboard that I can get?

Ohh boy !!The cheapest?I guess the cheapest Mechanical Keyboard that too with Cherry MX Blue switches - is none other than the TVS Gold USB/PS-2 keyboard.Check it out on Amazon:Tvse Gold Usb Bharat KeyboardThe only catch is - is it available in your country?I have used one and certainly its a steal at its price

My Computer Keyboard Wont Work? [ten Points, Here Guys!]? 2


On your computer keyboard, what is the SysRq key for?

dude I definitely do not have that key


How to get rid of ants attacking my computer keyboard's interior?

ant rid ! small white bottle with red lid( about the size and shape of a eyedrop bottle) looks like honey but it works a treat!


HELP! My Computer Keyboard is not working?

Sounds like a lot of things could've happened, particularly towards the top. I think it's just shorted out at specific localizations. Not much you can do aside from replace it.


How to build a computer keyboard from scratch?

Start with a bird house project and leave the keyboard for the experts


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

theres 2 ways. 1 remove the keys and clean under it with rubbing alcohol and replace them or 2 buy a can of compressed air and blow it out the first remedy is great for a sticky keyboard the second for dust you may have to remove one sie to get all the dirt out


Is reading music similar to typing on a computer keyboard?

Yes sheet music and computer keyboard typing are in essence both just typing letters.For computer keyboard typing the letters are the letters of the alphabet.For reading music the letters are three variants of the notes C D E F G A B. These first variant are the 7 ivory (white) keys on a piano keyboard.The letters assigned to the 5 ebony keys are C# D# F# G# A# known as C sharp D sharp etc. They are also assigned Db Eb Gb Ab Bb known as D flat, E flat etc. That's a bit technical but C D F G A sharp are the same notes as D E G A B flat. It's just a different way of naming the same note like the way French and English Alphabets have slightly different alphabets. The sharps and flats are assigned depending on the type of music that is being played. Also in relation to the answer - reading and playing from sheet music is more complicated than typing on a keyboard because reading sheet music and playing an instruments requires both left and right hand are typing two different sets of letters at the same time where as with computer typing the left and right are typing the same letters which is easier


What made the person who invented the computer keyboard arrange the alphabet in the order that it is?

The more common letters were put in places that are easier to reach. Look at q and z and x. All in hard to reach places. While all the vowels are very easy to reach. Not sure about the rest of the keys though.


My 7 year old daughter has to make a computer keyboard, any suggestions on how to make one?

Well for the base, you could use the top of a shoe box lid. For the keys, I can not really think of anything right now but have fun with it and get creative


how to remove the dust from your computer keyboard safely with out chemicals?

Use a old dry tooth brush or Swifer dry cleaning sweeps! Also try buying a can of compressed air!


Why are the letters on a computer keyboard in this order??

This order was build to do not have mechanical problems in the first type machine, they found that alphabetical order caused mechanical issues

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