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Should I Spend More Money on the Computer Or the Keyboard and Mouse?

Should I spend more money on the computer or the keyboard and mouse?

Should I Spend More Money on the Computer Or the Keyboard and Mouse? 1

get the computer the rest will come later ---why cheat urself for a keypad over a computer----come on use common sense


How to set a computer keyboard to memorize a word?

If you are using a web browser, you should enable the auto-complete function. With a word processor, such as MS Word, there are templates available that you may edit and use with great effectiveness.

Should I Spend More Money on the Computer Or the Keyboard and Mouse? 2


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

go to radio shack or best buy and get a can of compressed air to blow out the dust between and behind the keys. then just lightly dampen (no dripping) a cloth and wipe off the rest of it. why do not you like smart remarks? i think some are very entertaining. :)


why keys in the computer keyboard not in alphabatical order?

They are laid out that way because of their frequency of use


do you know a good silent or quiet computer keyboard?

logitech sells one or two. The brand name Razor sells one too. Its an intense gaming one comes in black. Good luck


What is the best way to keep a computer keyboard clean?

this helps a lot


I am currently re-formatting my custom-built computer. Keyboard does not work?

Go into setup at start - Integrated Peripherals, - Onboard PCI Device, - USB Device Setting, - USB Functions, Then, where it says, USB Keyboard Support, change it from OS to BIOS and the problem is solved!


how were the letters on the computer keyboard placed?

its called the QWERTY method


How did millennial usually learn to type on computer keyboard?

My elementary school tried to teach us. It did not work. They put those boxes over the keyboards and told us to play with the program that would teach us to type. The only way that I learned to type, was playing videogames. Once you know where the keys are, you learn your own way of typing quickly. Some type like you are supposed to, others do not . I can still beat most of my friends from elementary school at typing. You need to practice, practice, practice. Only way to learn to type fast is to practice


Repair or just replace computer keyboard?

I have a Logitech G11 ; Price: $89 and it is smooth soft and sweet. It even has volume control and lights the whole keyboard. And I have an Hp USB keyboard (only) I paid $14. 99 for I use for my gaming computer.


How do you clean computer keyboard?

this should help it lists step by step. Go to the link below


How can I get my "m" key to work again on my computer keyboard?

haha thats humorous I am at paintings too and VERY sleepy I desire the HOME key did paintings like that! however regrettably it simply takes you again to the opening of the sentence so do not press it an excessive amount of you may also ought to begin your night time another time LOL


Can you put your computer keyboard in the dishwasher to clean it?

I WOULDN'T RECOMMOND cleanin' ANY KEYBOARD this WAY!!! ANSWERS!, I certainly would not want that. GOOD LUCK!! Please let me know what you FOUND OUT!, thanx


What is a good, effective way of cleaning a computer keyboard?

Buy a container [ spray can] compress air. First you could also flip the keyboard upside down and 'tap ' lightly on the bottom side of the keyboard, then use the compress air can


How do I configure my computer keyboard?

Remove the Num Lock, it's located somewhere on your keyboard. ...And by "remove" I do not mean "remove" but "press it". ...And by somewhere, I mean usually top right-ish.


How can I clean out the dirt in my computer keyboard?

what i do is take an air comrpresser and blow out all the fan ports,and also the key board,it keeeps it in good shape!!!!!!!!


How can I turn my phone into a computer (keyboard and mouse)?

There are lot of models of bluetooth keyboards (with touchpad) for a price of about 20u201330$. This solves your problem with more usable input devices (keyboard/mouse/touchpad)Second thing you might need is more storage. Youu2019ll need an OTG adapter and a flash drive (or aditional sata/USB adapter and an SSD which might get a bit pricey which I donu2019t recommend). Last is the bigger screen. There are kind of magnifier screens, cardboard projectors or by using a mirroring app you can mirror the phone screen to be shown on a TV or a laptop.But most elegant solution of all is the andromium superbookHow can I turn my phone into a computer (keyboard and mouse)?

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