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Some of the Keys on My USB Keyboard Aren't Working?

Some of the keys on my USB keyboard aren't working?

Some of the Keys on My USB Keyboard Aren't Working? 1

Well it is either the computer's USB port or the keyboard. Try using another USB port to plug your keyboard into. Try all USB ports. Use an extender or even a USB hub. If this don't work, it is the keyboard. In that case, you'll need a new one. Not made of money you say? No problem when running windows 7. Go to start and type "onscreen keyboard" and a fully working keyboard will appear on your screen. This can become annoying though. Use on screen keyboard if you can't get a physical one right away.


Can I use air duster to clean PC keyboard?

I do not get what you mean by removing the keyboards. I use 50 PSI air for a compressor but I just take the keyboard to the cellar to blow it out. I do not need any screwdriver

Some of the Keys on My USB Keyboard Aren't Working? 2


which is better to buy an digital piano or Keyboard?

What the first answer said is correct! For me I had both and on the keyboard when bored I would play around with the different sounds, but strictly for practicing I only used the pianos. I love my digital piano because it has weighted hammer action keys that feel and respond like the piano that's more important to me


Whats the problem with my keyboard?

Are you using a desktop computer? Try to unplug the keyboard, restart your computer then plug it back in, if it's no use.buy another keyboard.if it's your laptop it might a hardware issue, might wanna send it to a service center


Strange thing happens with my keyboard

A cleaning of the keyboard will solve this problem


HELP, HELP, HELP! Mouse pee on a keyboard?

Well, you should just take a wet tissue and wipe it. Hold the keyboard so the pee leaks out, if there is any left. Then, if you have like a spray, spray it! Add a little lotion or soap, so it smells good. If your mom asks, just tell her you sneezed, and then had to wipe it off. Just overpower the scent with soapish smells. Good luck, and hopefully you will escape trouble!.


Sticky juice in my keyboard, how can i clean it please?

You can remove all the keys (Be shure to put them back on the correct place again! use a marker or something to mark the space underneath the keys) and clean the keyboard and the underside of the keys. To remove them, it usually enought to use a knife or a small screwdriver and pry them off CAREFULLY! (you are warned. Do not blame me if you break something) To put them back, just align them properly and press them firmly onto the keyboard.


can i adapt keyboard to playstation 3?

I am not entirely sure if the keyboard will conform to the video game's controls or not. I've never tried it. But I do know that the PS3 interface and browser etc. work with any USB keyboard. I would suggest you use a wireless keyboard unless you like sitting really close to your TV.


How do you successfully clean a keyboard?

This is a pain, but it works. Pop out all of the keys.just take like uhmm, a nail clipper thing with the cleaner.or something thin, and stick it under and pop them out. Then soak those in a thing of like soapy water or water and windex. Then take a Q tip or whatever and clean inside the keyboard.not having the keys there makes it much easier. Dry and scrub off the keys and pop them back on. It helps to have an extra keyboard around the match the keys up. Good luck.


Whats wrong with the numbers on my keyboard ?

change the keyboard..? hehe.. i think you have a virus.. some virus 'scanners' get it all wrong once your pc's infected.. some are not updated.. unreliable and all that.. unless it's a really good and expensive one.. hehe.. anyway good luck.. but, i still think you have a virus of some sort : ).


One of the keys on my keyboard got pulled and raised a little,Help please?

i recently had that problem............in case you seem below keyboard there must be some screws that you will be able to undo to seperate the best from the again of the keyboard. gently sparkling the factors with cotton buds and cleansing wipes and then re-connect. This solved my 'sticky' keys........desire it helps you..... :)

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