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What Combination of Keys on the Computer Keyboard Make a Musical Note Symbol?

What combination of Keys on the Computer Keyboard make a musical note symbol?

What Combination of Keys on the Computer Keyboard Make a Musical Note Symbol? 1

Turn on your number lock and still use your keypad. With number lock off they can act as navigation hot-keys as you saw. I use alt codes on a daily basis and am irritated when I accidentally turn it off. I am entering the alt code such as 0176 for and my browser thinks I am talking to it. According to your results you are using the number pad. It just needs to get turned on. You can usually set number lock on through your BIOS. This will turn it on automatically when Windows starts. Pressing delete or F1 lets you into your BIOS,


what is the best saved way to clean your computer keyboard ?

The best way to thoroughly clean your keyboard is to individual pop out the keys, clean them with regular soap and pop them back in. The air can is expensive. Plus, air can will not get the majority of the dust out hidden underneath the keys. You will find that you will be spraying every few weeks while cleaning the keys inside out will last months to a year. Take an hour of your day. Once you individually clean the keys they will slide smoothly. Washing the keyboard in the sink is risky. The keyboard has a circuit board. If the water dries on the circuit board..this creates a higher chance of failure. Plus, if your keyboard does not drain water correctly, the keyboard could become soaked and not work correctly.

What Combination of Keys on the Computer Keyboard Make a Musical Note Symbol? 2


How do I tell my parents I broke my computer keyboard?! :(?

Actually, you can try and give your keyboard a bath. Fill up a tub, put the keyboard in there for a few hours(unplugged ofc) or let water run through it. You need to let it sit long enough so the coke sugar/syrup dissolves. Thats what I usually do with my keyboards. But you have to let if dry for a few days


How do you clean a computer keyboard?

. i just spray it and leave for few mins and wipe with cotton cloth


How do you clean your computer keyboard?

Personally I just cut down the bristles on a paint 1 inch paint brush so they are quite stiff, then turn my keyboard upside down and give it a good brush. If there are still marks there, it is quite safe to use a lightly damp cloth to clean the keys. Hope this helps.



Its an hardware , where you usually inputs your text and other forms of command


What is the cheapest mechanical computer keyboard that I can get?

I would go for this one with red linear switches $40 Amazon.com: LESHP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Red SwitchI had an expensive Corsair mechanical keyboard but after 1.5 years the keys started chattering. So I replaced it with an opti-mechanical keyboard. It uses light instead of metal for the key actuation. So far I have had no issues and I hope the it will last much longer than my last keyboard.This one more than twice as much as the keyboard above, but it should not have any chatter issues ever, so I consider it worth the cost to have to replace it. $99 Amazon.com: Bloody B820 Light Strike LK Optical Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAs for key color Blue and brown are for typing, Black and red are for gaming. Some companies like Razor have their own non-cherry clone keys that are different colors. I had the brown keys before and I would not recommend then for gaming. I have red now and it feels much better.


How To Clean a Computer Keyboard (without parents finding out!!)?

dislodge the nearby keys then clean either using compressed air or a paper towel


How do i fix the keys on my computer keyboard after spilling tea into it?

If its a non-wireless keyboard you can actually put it in the dishwasher - (sounds insane but MOST will come out great) After getting out of the dishwasher (dont use heat-dry) you need to take it aprt and let it dry for about 4 days....then voila! just like new. Since a basic keyboard is $15 - and a nice wireless is $50 - I dont know why you are against getting a new one - they are cheap -.....or you are.... is this a special keyboard where there is a reason youre wanting to hang on to it ? otherwise - trash it I imagine the reason its cranking out weird characters is because the tea (kinda gay) shorted out some of the conxns. this one may not be fixable - but like I stated before - just trash it - theyre cheap

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