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What's the Best Way to Clean a Computer Keyboard When the Keys Are Sticking?

What's the best way to clean a computer keyboard when the keys are sticking?

What's the Best Way to Clean a Computer Keyboard When the Keys Are Sticking? 1

I use q-tips and rubbing alcohol and even a nail file and a thin soft cloth to get into the sides of each key. If you are kind of a messy Marvin, I think you can get those plastic see through covered that go over a key board.


How often do you clean your computer keyboard?

as quickly as a month ought to be surprisingly good in case you desire to maintain it rather sparkling (it doesnt injury to maintain it extra sparkling). dirt can get into your keyboard and screw your pc up. or you may in simple terms save hand sanitizer with the aid of your pc and sparkling your palms till now you employ it. extra suited risk-free than sorry, noticeably with an high priced pc

What's the Best Way to Clean a Computer Keyboard When the Keys Are Sticking? 2


How to set a computer keyboard to memorize a word?

you cna use keyboard shortcuts..Cntrl a key or so


Computer Keyboard not able to type correctly?

Go to control panel and check out your settings for keyboard


How to you clean globs of jelly that got under my computer keyboard keys?

if it's a keyboard you are attached to, you can take it apart and clean it. the buttons will pop off if you pry them up with a butter knife. the space bar is not as easy though, so i would pry that up unless you have to, It's a Chinese puzzle getting it back in and working right. My wife does this to her keyboard all the time, she's kind of an expert at it. Me, I would just go to Walmart and get a replacement for $8-10 but that's just me


need help with my computer keyboard?

Wow, you managed to get a virus or break your keyboard! Follow not-so-common-sense for both situations


What is the best way to clean my computer keyboard?

A Q-tip with rubbing alcohol would be better, but I also suggest compressed air


what are the standard measurements of a 10-key? (computer keyboard)?

I do not think there are standard keyboard sizes, they differ according to manufacturer. If you measured a few then you are probably ahead of the rest of us in knowing the average size. And I think you mean the 104 key keyboard, although there are some with more and less keys. In fact, some can have as few as 80 keys, while others can have more then 110, with the multimedia keyboards now a days


can i vacuum my computer keyboard without taking the keys out!?

Yes.but will be more effective if you use Dust Remover (compressed CO2) to blow it out first


How can I clean my computer keyboard?

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner.USB vacuum cleaners are also available. They do a nice job.


Who decided where the keys on a computer keyboard would be? and Why did they decide the way they did?

It is called a QWERTY keyboard and was devised for the typewriter


Are the handicaps of Sen McCain the reason he can not use a computer keyboard?

If they all stilled inhaled, the would all be a brighter bulb in the box


Why is a computer keyboard set out the way it is?

The second answer is correct. It was designed to make typing harder, not faster


Computer, the keyboard and usb drive.....HELP!!?

I will make a program for you. then I will edit it in a few so you can download the program I make/


How to clean between keys of computer keyboard?



How do you clean the dust inside my computer keyboard?

Get the end hose for the vacuum cleaner that usually works for me


What is the best way to keep a computer keyboard clean?

One of the ways is not to eat at your computer desk


Anyone ever heard of www.idea-pc.net computer keyboard?

There have been keyboards with sleep and power buttons for nearly 20 years that I know of. There should be a configuration utility for the keyboard where you can disable or re-program the buttons, either in the Device Manager or Control Panel, or it may have it's own program group on the start menu,. Also check in Control Panel | Power Options, you may be able to change what the buttons do there, at least set the power button so it also does sleep -- better than a shutdown.

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