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What Should I Do About a Milkshake Spill on a (desktop) Keyboard?

What should i do about a milkshake spill on a (desktop) keyboard?

What Should I Do About a Milkshake Spill on a (desktop) Keyboard? 1

Take off all the keys from the keyboard and wash it with only tap water thoroughly. Dry it upp and let it dry for like 2 hours. Then plug it back in


macbook pro out of warranty, two keys not working in built in keyboard. Options?

If you take it to the Apple Store as VxJasonxV mentioned, they normally charge a flat fee to repair it off-site, regardless of what is wrong with it. They will repair anything that's broken for that one off charge. I think it was something around 280 (plus tax) for a Macbook, Pro may be a bit more. So if the keyboard is the only thing broken, I would definitely go the DIY route

What Should I Do About a Milkshake Spill on a (desktop) Keyboard? 2


IT professionals please help keyboard & mouse not working! SAVE ME?

Try to uninstall and re install the keyboard and touchpad driver from device manager... still not then do system restore, it might help you to fix the problem.


What is the best and simplest way to clean your laptop keyboard?

Ah, crumbs in the keyboard. How well I know it. Go to an office supply store and ask for the compressed air can to clean a computer. Cheap. Easy


How do I keep my keyboard pedal from running away?

You could fashion a "leash" for it by taping, tying or gluing twine or kite string to it. At the other end of the "leash", tie a loop that's a little bigger than the leg of the chair / bench you sit on. Then before you play the keyboard each time, put the loop end around the leg of your bench / chair. That will keep your pedal from straying too far away. It may move left or right a little bit, but from my personal experience as a pianist / keyboardist, that movement should be minimal


Keyboard Makes Noise and Won't Type?

check see if the sticky key feature is enabled if thats not it then if its a wireless keyboard make sure you have fresh new batteries in it and also update the drives for the keyboard


Keyboard Layouts

Thai characters can be typed using the Kedmanee layout and the Pattachote layout


Thummer keyboard

A Thummer is a proposed commercial musical instrument characterized by at least one isomorphic keyboard, and thumb-operated and/or motion-sensing expressive controls.The Thummer was to be a type of jammer keyboard. Research suggests that the jammer's combination of thumb-controls and internal motion sensors could give more expressive potential than other polyphonic musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, and accordion. Isomorphic keyboards similar to those used in a jammer have been shown to accelerate the rate at which students grasp otherwise-abstract concepts in music theory.


laptop keyboard every time i press the letter m on my keyboard the letter o appears,help me please?

do you eat alot at your laptop? try cleaning or air blowing the keyboard out.


Can I fix my water damaged g15 keyboard?

Keyboards that are dirty can cause some keys to stick when pressed or other malfunctions. Dirt and dust can easily be cleaned from your keyboard by periodically holding it upside down and shaking it, or blasting it with compressed air. If the keys are dirty, once you have powered off the system, you can use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe the top facings of the keys. Never spray cleaner directly onto the keys as it may drip down into the circuitry beneath. If you spill a liquid on the keyboard, you should immediately shut down the computer (or if using a plug-and-play keyboard, unplug it from the computer). Turn the keyboard over onto a towel or cloth to prevent as much liquid from getting into the circuits as possible. You can use a small lint-free cloth to help clean the liquid out from between the keys, but do so with the keyboard still upside down. Leave the keyboard upside down for a day to help ensure as much of the liquid dries out as possible. A large amount of liquid spilled into the keyboard will usually result in the keyboard needing to be replaced, regardless of how well you try to clean it. If you just want to freshen up the look of the keyboard (e.g. not clean due from problems or spilling of liquid) a cloth that has been moistened with warm water and a gentle soap will work quite well

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