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Which Keyboard Layout Do You Prefer for Programming?

Which keyboard layout do you prefer for programming?

Which Keyboard Layout Do You Prefer for Programming? 1

Quite some time ago, I played around with Dvorak long enough to touch-type. I quickly came to enjoy it, but then things changed and I was forced to go back to Qwerty. The fundamental problem here is that there's a huge installed base of Qwerty, and remapping things can be very challenging, so you have to have Qwerty in your fingers. If you are capable of touch typing in multiple systems easily, then an alternate system is great, but I found that that was basically impossible for me. The neurons simply did not switch over that quickly


Cannot switch keyboard layout at GDM login

Go to Settings -> Region & Language. In the upper right corner of the window you should see a Login Screen button. If you click that button, the UI switches to a variant for system wide settings. From there you can add the input sources you want to be able to use on the login screen. If you have more than one source selected, an input source indicator will be shown on the login screen after next reboot.The button may only be visible if more than one user is registered on the system. As a workaround you can create a new user and delete it after you made the changes you desired.

Which Keyboard Layout Do You Prefer for Programming? 2


Change keyboard layout settings from a Linux console

In case someone else finds this:In Mate Desktop Environment, you can do it like this:org.mate.peripherals-keyboard-xkb.general group-per-window true org.mate.peripherals-keyboard-xkb.general group-per-window false


How to disable CtrlShift keyboard layout switch (for the same input language) in Windows 10?

The new path to this configuration :


Why does pressing ctrlspace bring up a keyboard layout menu?

Okay so I found it was ibus that was causing the conflict, and the way to disable it is to run (sudo) ibus-setup and disable the keybinding


Change keyboard layout (English UK) on command line to English US

I am running 14.04 LTS with a standard US keyboard. My problem was that I had relied on the installer to choose US-Intl for me and it caused "dead keys" and improper formation of the " and ' keys (as well as others I do not know about, I am sure). After a lot of frustration and trial and error, I ran the "sudo apt-get install console-common" suggestion and it fixed my problem, but only while I was logged in. When I logged out, restarted the server and back in, it failed. It only took hold permanently when I executed the "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" command and specified the generic US keyboard."setxkbmap" did not work for me. It seems that (I do not KNOW) setxkbmap is obsolete in 14.04 LTS


What's the difference between Austrian and German keyboard layout?

It appears that there are two different keyboard layouts (they are both QWERTZ layouts). The layouts may have different names depending on what operating system you are looking at:One for Germany/Austria, and,One for Switzerland/Luxembourg.Here are the two layouts.Germany/Austria Swiss GermanSource Keyboard layouts.


How can I write braces, and , in Emacs on Mac OS X with a scandinavian keyboard layout?

I tried fondling with my keypad and found out that ctrl alt 8 or 9 works for curly brackets or


Yahoo Messenger 9 crashes during the change of the keyboard layout?

it is a BETA, meaning it is nevertheless in progression. with the help of employing beta application, you right away conform to stand up to any undesirable consequences. follow the good version (8.a million) to circumvent insects


Why is my Yellow Dog keyboard layout wrong? [closed]

I was not able to find anything specific with YDL (Yellow Dog Linux) and the Powerbook G4. The next time the issue arises if you could run this command and then press the problem keys, this will show you in the terminal what key was being pressed. This will help to establish whether there's a hardware issue or an issue with your YDL setup. After running the above xev command you will get a little white window that will pop up. You will want to put the mouse over this window and then press the problem keys. The name of the key should be showing up in the terminal as you press the various keys.

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