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Who Decided Where the Keys on a Computer Keyboard Would Be? and Why Did They Decide the Way They Did?

Who decided where the keys on a computer keyboard would be? and Why did they decide the way they did?

Who Decided Where the Keys on a Computer Keyboard Would Be? and Why Did They Decide the Way They Did? 1

It did not start with the computer, it started with the typewriter, the qwerty key board was determined to be the most efficient placement of the keys, way long ago. I often think of developing a one hand-left hand only key board


how to remove the dust from your computer keyboard safely with out chemicals?

dampen a paer towel, then ring it out then lightly go over your keyboard. then fry it with another paper towel. =]

Who Decided Where the Keys on a Computer Keyboard Would Be? and Why Did They Decide the Way They Did? 2


how were the letters on the computer keyboard placed?

Esc F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab Q W E R T Y U I O P [ ] Caps A S D F G H J K L ; ' Enter Shift Z X C V B N M , . / Shift Ctrl Windowskey Alt Space Alt Windowskey Ctrl


my computer keyboard is having problems?

i dont know its probably the game somehow disables those keys or somthing


computer keyboard doesn't work, but I think the fault is with the computer?

in a Small Case for PS2 Keyboard, an unstable voltage cause Mall function on COM Controller Circuit. Try change your Power Supply unit. other wise. using USB Keybord


If you could add one useful (or whimsical) key to everyoneu2019s cellphone or computer keyboard, what would it communicate or do?

It would bring up a friendlier version of top, or the task manager, to see what processes were running and bump up priorities of some ("nice"). Often users are waiting for the computer to do...something - but whatever they want to work on is probably more important. Basically the button would say "hey, computer, what is taking so long, speed up my web browser!" Or whatever.


How come a computer keyboard is set up qwert...?

QWERTY is the comparable keyboard used interior the U.S., uncertain regarding the entire N. usa, so not something distinctive there. each and every key's linked with a eastern character in spite of the undeniable fact that it quite comes all the way down to sounding a be conscious out phonetically. The appears like straight away replace to eastern hiragana. once you end typing a be conscious, you press a key that alternatives a kanji for that be conscious. If that's not the right kanji, you press the main returned and a drop down record will supply you greater ideas in kanji to scroll by using


How can I fix my computer keyboard?

just buy a new one. It's cheap


my friends' computer keyboard won't work?! any ideas why or how to fix it?!?

If it is a PS/2 keyboard (round purple connector) then you need to restart the computer after you plug it in. If it is USB, try plugging it into a different port on the back of your computer


What is a good way to clean my computer keyboard?

Cleaning your keyboard - How to clean your computer keyboard Welcome to our guide to cleaning and maintaining your keyboard. All content on this page is Copyright 2001-2006 helpwithpcs.com Before you follow this tutorial you must read and agree to the terms of our disclaimer. Computer Keyboards can get dirty very easily, to clean the surface of a keyboard is very straight forward, in this guide however we will show you how to clean your keyboard thoroughly as well as giving it a quick once over, we will guide you through with the aid of photos and diagrams. We have split the guide into two parts, the first part is for keyboards that just need a quick clean, the second part is for membrane keyboards (most standard keyboards) and includes removing the keys for a thorough cleaning. What you will need: * lint free cloth. * dry cloth or duster. * suitable cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol). * cotton buds. * Can of compressed air or vacuum cleaner. * Flat tip screwdriver (optional for thorough clean). Moderate cleaning (quick and easy) First, shutdown your PC and remove the mains plug, unplug the keyboard (remember which socket) and hold it upside down to release any debris from inbetween the keys (pressing the keys is a good way to release it). If you have a can of compressed air then use it to blow any debris from around and under the keys, if not then use the hose of a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

Now take one of the cotton buds and put a couple of drops of the cleaning fluid on it, use the cotton bud to clean the sides of the keys as seen in fig 1.1. cleaning keyboard 1 Copyright 2001-2006 helpwithpcs.com After cleaning the sides of the keys take your lint free cloth and dampen it with your cleaning fluid (do not put the liquid directly on the keyboard), give the surface of the keyboard a good wipe over using the cloth to trace the contours of the keys (see fig 1.2). When you have finished give the keyboard a wipe over with the dry cloth/duster, you should now have a nice clean keyboard, to clean it more thoroughly follow the guide below. how to clean your keyboard 2 back to top | Copyright 2001-2006 helpwithpcs.com Thorough cleaning (takes longer and requires patience) Standard membrane keyboards only (not laptops or non-membrane keyboards) Shutdown your PC and remove the mains plug, unplug the keyboard (remember where it was plugged in) and hold it upside down to release any debris from inbetween the keys. This is where the patience comes in, make a note of the position of all the keys or you will have trouble putting them back correctly, alternatively just remove the letter keys A - Z from the keyboard (which is where the most of the dust/debris will be) and refer to fig 1.4 as a reference to put them back. All the keys can be removed although the larger keys (space bar, enter key, shift keys, backspace, caps lock, etc) can be difficult to put back so you might avoid removing them. Remove the keys using the screwdriver, ease the screwdriver under the key and gently lift the key top off (see fig 1.3). note: do not forget to make a note of their position . Copyright 2001-2006 helpwithpcs.com remove key cap off keyboard keyboard layout When you have removed all the keys (except any keys you wish to avoid) use the compressed air (or vacuum cleaner) to remove any dust and debris from inside the keyboard. Now is a good time to give the keys a proper clean, for best results clean each one individually (the patience thing again) with the cloth and cleaning fluid, when clean, wipe them over with the dry cloth.

Before replacing the keys, take your lint free cloth and dampen it with your cleaning fluid (do not put the liquid directly on the keyboard), give the surface of the keyboard a good wipe over ensuring to clean as much as possible any keys that you have not removed. When the keyboard is nice and clean replace the keys according to your notes or if you have just removed the letter keys use fig 1.4 as a guide, to put the keys back on position the key in place and press gently but firmly until it clicks home. After replacing all the keys give the keyboard a quick wipe over with your dry cloth and you have a nice clean keyboard.

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